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Boy Scout No More!

If I became Superman I'd not work within the framework of the law. There would be no corruption in the my country because I'd have used my powers, specially my x-ray vision to know if money was being disbursed properly. I'd show every warlord (I'm here in the Philippines, by the way) just how powerful they really are and so on and so forth. That said I'm happy I'm not Superman because the whole thing could go from Action Comics to Irredeemable very fast.

The new Superman is no boy scout. He's a bit of a scoundrel and as you can see below he really enjoys his power. This is not Astro City's Samaritan and, quite refreshingly, not the Clark of the old DC.

If they make him out as a Super-playboy that would be great too (although I know they wouldn't dare).

Clark was a bit surprising because for a moment there I thought I was seeing Peter Parker.

The new Superman takes a page from the old John Byrne Man of Steel playbook. Here he is after a run in with a tank. Power levels have definitely been toned down. He actually gets knocked out when "catching" a rogue train.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 30, 2011

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