Animal Man 1

Considering that Morrison's Animal Man was incredible, lightning might actually hit twice

The bloody cover of Animal Man 1 didn't go over well with me. Too gory. But I remember how they raved about this in the Net. I have yet to see a negative on this New 52 title; so in we go,  to see what's it all about

Art is very striking. I've never seen such fine lines, and the layout - very creative. Just take a look at this panel.

Going through the story, I'm reminded of Morrison, and that's an absolute compliment. Yes. Animal Man is not a traditional superhero and he shouldn't be approached like one. The big fight layouts, the cover to cover action. Not for this. Not during Morrison's time and not now. Animal Man is a Dad, he's a husband, he's a blue-collar worker who happens to have powers. We've got something very simple here - someone's kid died and that someone went to the hospital and took hostages. He's got a gun, he's crazy, but most of all he's grief-stricken. Buddy Baker comes in just as I expect - understanding first, then powers.

No big action sequences here. This is a quiet book that chooses to focus on how interesting relationships can be.

Then there are the cliffhangers. What's with the bloody eyes for example? Let's put this aside and wait for issue 2 to find out.

Lightning strikes the same place twice.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 4, 2012

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