Batgirl 1

Simone gives us a perfectly balanced first issue while Syaf designs a great new costume

Gail Simone pretty much divides the book into three parts : The first part shows Batgirl's competence in a fight; the second revisits her past and plans for the future; the last part shows just how much her famous run-in with the Joker has affected her. It all adds up to a perfectly balanced introduction that gives us everything we need to know while keeping some things in shadow - big things, like how come Barbara Gordon can now walk?  And minor stuff, like does the new DCU have an Oracle replacement.


Anyway I love the costume. I log on to the Net and find out that many people hate it. I look at it again and it is just gorgeous - kudos to Adrian Syaf.

Plus, the best cover I've seen in a new 52 comic so far.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 1, 2012

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