Batman 657

Tired Of The Well-Behaved Robins? Meet Damian

This is about 657.

Wonderful cover but I wonder how Batman kept his arm from being sliced off? Must be armoured bat gloves.

Have you ever heard the story of how fresh deep-sea fish was so valued that Japanese fishermen considered it worth their while to bring live fish into port? They found out that if they simply held the fish inside their ships like in a big aquarium they started degrading - some kind of slow death syndrome. The solution was to keep a small shark in the holding tank, they would lose some fish to the shark but the excitement/tension of having a predator in there with them kept the fish alive and maintained their quality.

Damian is sort of like that shark. He got added into the 'tank' with Batman and Robin and the entertainment value/quality went through the roof.

He is an absolute horror; you really have to read this issue to get the full dose.

Oh yeah, before the tale really gets rolling, Andy Kubert shows us a bit of the Batcave.

Batman is saying to Damian, who is standing beside him : "This will be your home now." How cool is that? If I was a kid again reading this comic I would say that this was why I read comics. Heck, this is why I read comics now.

So, as I said, Damian is a superbrat and Bruce inflicts him on both Alfred and Robin; and Alfred says this:

What?!! Was the young Bruce Wayne as bratty as Damian? It has to be Bruce - all the Robins were very well behaved (well, except Jason).

If you're getting tired of the word 'brat' I've got good news: I'm not using it again. It's too weak. As the story progresses Damian kills somebody. I'm not kidding. He beheads somebody, beats up Robin and presents himself to Batman as a replacement. End of issue. Oboy.

Spot-on characterization and gorgeous art makes this issue highly recommended.

Posted by  Pete Albano - July 4, 2011

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