Batman and Robin 1

Putting the Crime Alley incident to rest at last

In terms of rounding out the main aspects of the title characters, this is the best new 52 issue I've read so far, with the exception of Batgirl. In one issue we get the "unique" relationship between Bruce and son Damian and Batman and sidekick Robin. It just occurred to mo that Robin will fracture my arm (or worst) for calling him a sidekick, hehe. Alfred's place is delineated, attitudes in battle established as well as tactical differences between Batman and Robin - oh yes, and moral differences too. It's just a very solid introduction to what promises to be a good, if not great, series.

Many details. My favorite is Damian's preferred sleeping style shown below.

And I did mention Crime Alley right? We get to see Batman finally move on from over-dwelling on the murder of his parents - as Bruce Wayne vows to never forget, never forgive but at least to stop pestering us with Crime Alley flashbacks every ten issues or so.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 1, 2012

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