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Batman 655 is the beginning of Morrison's Batman and Son story arc which is about Damian - Batman's son from Talia Al Ghul.

This first issue starts that off, making it clear that Damian, already well past infancy, has never met his father and vice versa. It's a slow start but that's alright because this issue is about something I've wanted to see for a long time. It's about Bruce Wayne and Alfred (what was Alfred's last name again? Pennysworth, isn't it?). Huge swaths of this issue is spent showing "day in the life" scenes between Bruce and Alfred in the mansion and the Batcave. These are quiet scenes but a lot is conveyed and you really get a sense of how much these two people love each other. I'm reading Batman 655 and I experience, vicariously, what I've always known - that Alfred is the closest Bruce has to a parent and Bruce, for all intents and purposes, is Alfred's son. They are family; with the various Robins being welcome, yet transitory, additions. The nuclear family of Batman is Alfred and Bruce. There are subtleties in this issue, nuances in the dialogue, that get me teary-eyed, really. This must be why Morrison has such a loyal following among comics fans - he has such tremendous respect for the material. He upholds the hobby we all love so much by taking it so seriously, writing about it with such three dimensional verve. Read this for Alfred. And read this for Bruce.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 26, 2012

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