Batman and Son : Batman 664

I'm not saying that Batman should lose his cape

At one point during this comic somebody brings up the death of Bruce's parents. He says "I got over it". Kubert goes in for a close-up so we can see his eyes. I look at it and I think, "Liar". The day Bruce gets over it we don't get us no Batman. Oh wait, there's always Dick Grayson right?

You'll also see Batarangs that return to Batman's hand. That's amazing.

Roxie, a hooker, says she'll do Batman for free. Who says crime fighting doesn't pay?

I never thought that you could smell testosterone, or as Batman calls it, "alpha male hormone", the smell of boardrooms, the stock exchange and executive bathrooms.

Years of reading Batman and I always knew that the cape would work against him. That's what happens here.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 27, 2012

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