Batman and Son : Batman 665

The man inside the Bat

It is not unusual for Batman to get beaten up by his foes, but what happens here has an added psychological impact, you see, because he took blows from a rogue policeman in a batman-motif costume, and this giant, behemoth of a cop looked just like Bane. Bane. Remember him? Bane broke Bruce's back and paved the way for Azrael to take over from Batman for a time. With the double whammy of a physical and psychological blow Batman cannot help himself in this issue. He receives help from Roxy, a sympathetic streetwalker, who drives him to a location where he picks up the phone to call Alfred. As both Alfred and Tim rush to his side we see just how much Bane has affected the Bat.

Prepare yourself for some wonderful Robin action as Tim shows the courage we'd all expect from a Robin by taking on Batman's nemesis alone. It's a wonderful first salvo from Tim but the battle will slowly tilt against him. Don't worry though, Bruce is back, and just like in Return of the Dark Knight, the Bat, having failed the first time, will inevitably try again.

This issue shows the man inside the Bat. First, that he can be beaten. Second, that he will NOT stay down.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 27, 2012

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