Batman and Son : Batman 666

Great costume, lethal attitude, I like Damian's Batman

Issue 666 presents us with a sudden timeshift. It is many years later, Bruce Wayne is dead and his son, Damian, is the new Batman. Damian is very honest about his level of capability as the quote below informs.

"I knew I'd never be as good as my Dad or Dick Grayson . . . so I specialized in cheating." - Damian Wayne as the Batman

Abilities aside I love Damian's batman costume the moment I saw it. Instead of a cape, this Batman has a trenchcoat. It just works.

Another thing I like, with guilty pleasure, is that Damian isn't squeamish about killing his opponents. I knew it, the al Ghul blood has created a Batman/Wolverine hybrid. The bad guys really have cause to fear the Batman now. As you can read in this next quote, we're not getting a kinder, gentler Dark Knight here.

"Go and make the world a better place or I'll hunt you down one by one." - Damian Wayne as the Batman to Gotham's high society

This is not a total break from last issue's tale, the villain here is the third Batman-motif villain spoken of in the past issue. The first was the "Batman" who shot the Joker point blank. The second was last issues Bane-style "Batman". This is the third, and its wonderful to see Damian put him in his place.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 28, 2012

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