Batman Black and White Statue

DC Collectibles Batman: Black & White: Batman by Tim Sale Second Edition Statue

Available from Amazon . It was musician Jack White (creator of the award-winning Blunderbuss album) who said that he sometimes approached his work by writing music a day before it was going to be recorded. He said the pressure made the subsequent product better. The same principal was applied to the Batman: Black and White stories. Rather than restricting time, pages were restricted. The creators were told to tell their Batman tales within a measly eight pages. The result has been a series of tales celebrated as some of the best Batman ever written.

So successful was Batman: Black and White that elements of the stories have spun off to other media. Statues being one of them. A number of statues have been made, each one inspired by a specific comicbook artist. The one being considered here is from Tim Sale. Tim is the artist from another legendary Batman tale called The Long Halloween. If I remember correctly, The Long Halloween inspired Tim Burton, the creator of the first Batman movies (the Michael Keaton movies).

I think they got the ideal Batman pose here. Lined up in comparison with the other "Black and White" Batmen, Tim's rendition is a bit of standout. In fact, if you're only getting one I would recomend this one.

I want it!

I want to see more Batman Black and White statues