Batman Forever Batmobile

Hot Wheels Collector 1995 Batman Forever Batmobile (1:18 Scale)

Available from Amazon .The most memorable character from Batman Forever, to me, at least, was Jim Carrey's Riddler. I think Carrey got a cool twenty million for that role? Worth every cent really. Batman Forever is the only time in movies or comics that you will see E. Nigma outstage the Bat. I wasn't really paying attention to the Batmobile but looking at this model I wonder how the heck could I miss it?

Just look at it. As a general rule all Batmobiles are insane cars, but this one looks like its the chief inmate in the asylum. In particular those fins. They allow kids to come close to those seemingly razor-sharp fins? Of course not. This is not a kid's toy. This is a collectible for display.

You know what would be fun? If you have a bunch or "regular car" models. You know, Benzes, Bimmers, Porsches, that sort of thing. Put this one right in the middle of that collection. That's right. How many cylinders you got? I got none. I got me a jet turbine!

Ok. Who wants this? Batheads, collectors. And sadly, kids want this. Not advisable, those fins! This is one of those things that if you get this for yourself and you have kids, you're going to have to "fight them off" - I mean, it's the Batmobile for heaven's sakes.

It just takes us out of the now and into some wild world we want to be in doesn't it? Just by standing still.

I want it!

I want to see more Batman Forever stuff