Batman the Animated Series

Batman - The Animated Series, Volumes 1-4 (DC Comics Classic Collection)

Available from Amazon . What does the Batman animated series and Star Trek novels have in common? The answer is that once you "get into them" you'll be watching and readig them like you eat peanuts. They've got a weird kind of addictive magic.

That's why in the case of the Batman Animated Series it makes sense to get all the seasons in one go. Save yourself the trouble of tracking each season one at a time. What's that you say? You can try hunting for these in YouTube or downloading from those "colorful" torrents sites? Pffah! If your going to spend time watching videos for hours on end, spend QUALITY time. Get these shows on dvd or at least pay for a high quality stream. Don't be the guy who gets this all blurry with subtitles in a language he doesn't speak and mismatched dubbing then proceeds to trash the content as 'crap'. Of course he thinks its crap - he watched a crappy version of it.

Looking at these shows the simple yet clever linework matched with the interesting dialogue and fast plot really make for an engaging time with the Caped Crusader. Four seasons can't lie, this one was popular for a reason. Whether you are considering this for yourself or for someone else remember the magic word: "peanuts".

I want it!

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