DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Batmobile

Available from Amazon . If you had a choice between a garage full of BMWs or a garage full of real Batmobiles what would you choose? Those sweet inline-6 and turbo 8 euro engines or engines that roughly have the thrust of a space shuttle? Hmmm. Choices, choices. Luckily they don't make real Batmobiles so Bavarian Motor Works should rest easy.

What they do have are collectible Batmobile models. This one is from Batman the Animated Series. It is a wonderful representation not just of Batman's iconic ride but also of the art style of the extremely popular cartoon series that birthed it. This must be the most streamlined Batmobile ever. Almost minimalist but it still gives the impression that it is more than capable of outrunning a bullet train on steroids.

Collectors of the different iterations of the Batmobile must simply have one of course. Sitting on the desk or on a shelf, the Batmobile is also a kind of totem. It's an outrageous vehicle. Too fast. Too clever. Too fun. Did I say totem? That's not quite right. I meant a ward. A ward against the mundane, a shield against the ordinary, a reminder that life is too short NOT to be too fast, too clever or too fun.

I want it!

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