Batman Hoodie

Extra Large Reversible Batman Juniors Zip Up Hoody (XL)

Available from Amazon . There happen to be a lot of female Batman fans and this is for them. They are now able to "wear their favorite hero" without emanating a geek vibe (although identifying as a geek is becoming more and more popular these days - just take along a trade paperback and your set).

Lots of things to commend this hoodie but first things first, it seems to size a bit small so be sure to go one size up.

Right. Material is cotton and polyester blend. Read that as comfy and wrinkle resistant. Maybe the best thing about this hoodie is that it's a two in one. I tend to look at the two styles as the gray "undercover" style and the black and white "look at me style". Absolutely brilliant the way this hoodie reverses - with the inner pattern being a match for the outer whether you choose one style or the other.

For true Batman fanatics, it should matter that this is an officially licensed hoodie. You can get Batman hoodies all over the place but it simply "feels" better to wear authentic, authorized clothing - it feels special.

I'm looking for Batman clothes for guys

I want to see Batman themed clothes for boys