Batman Motorcycle

Batman Transforming Batcycle Vehicle and Figure

Available from Amazon . What's better than a Batman action figure? A Batman action figure with a motorbike. What's better than a Batman action figure with a motorbike? A Batman action figure that can actually ride a motorbike. That's right, your garden variety action figure isn't really designed to ride bikes but this is.

Aside from that you don't get the usual Batman. This one is wearing a distinctive bat and gold batsuit that not only distinguishes him from other Batman action figures but also makes him more collectable.

You are assured of quality because this toy is from major toy maker Mattel.

The motorbike looks great doesn't it? No ordinary engine here - that's a jet engine. Better yet, this bike transforms into a missile launcher! Yes, it's going to be hours of fun with this blue Batcycle.

Some people are into the term MITB. Also known as Mint-In-A-Box. They don't open the toy. They just display it till the happy time comes when it's able to pay the mortgage - or something along those lines. In line with this kind of collecting, this toy comes with a display-worthy package to keep it MITB.

Batman oftimes has a grim yet cool aspect to him but all that dark stuff can't be found in this toy. This is Batman with the cool gadgets and rides - the crimefighting martial artist with all the resources of Wayne Enterprises behind him. Whether it's going to be displayed or unwrapped and played all day long this just might be the Batman toy you or someone you know is looking for.

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