Batman Necklace

DC Comics Men's Batman Stainless Steel 22" Ball Chain Pendant Necklace (Black)

Available from Amazon . This stainless steel black bat could just be the perfect accessory for your casual ensemble. You can use the silver ball-style chain it comes with or swap that with something else. Using leather or a gold chain as the occasion calls for it changes the possibilities for this pendant allowing you to go from casual to semi-formal and back.

Wearing the universally recognized bat insignia on your neck is a statement, of course. "Geek and proud of it" - definitely. If you want to go in deep into this symbol, it also stands for surviving traumatizing experiences - just as Bruce Wayne survived the death of his parents by becoming the Batman.

The black bat symbol is sized just right. Small enough not to look like a your wearing some kind of car logo but large enough to get noticed. It's also stainless steel, not plastic, making it look like the quality item that it is rather than some tacky jewelry from the same people to make plastic toys.

If you're giving rather than getting, this pendant should be considered rather than others because of the perfect comics inspired box it comes with. This box doubles as a display case so this pendant does not even have to be worn to be appreciated by the Batman fan.

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