Batman Slippers for Men

Batman Super Hero Cartoon Plush Slipper Mens DC Comics Warner Bro Black

Available from Amazon . Hey you! Heard of China? China, right? Do you know how many Batman slippers they make in China? One billion. They make one billion Batman slippers in China. Good quality, ten cents (or so they say). Have those slippers? Then you know how a disaster it is to buy bad quality. This is NOT one of those slippers. These are officially licensed Batman slippers. If you just said 'so what?' then I have nothing more to say. Real Batman fans don't necessarily use licensed products exclusively but they put a premium on a licensed product. Quality aside, it still matters to them that both Warner and DC gave this product the green light.

Beyond the Batman logo, you are looking at the perfect slippers for cold climes or airconditioned environments. Made of faux fur, these slippers cover your toes making your feet nice and cozy.

If you're stuck with a hardwood floor or tiles but want the feel of carpet these slippers are a 'quick fix'. The foam pads make every step a soft one.

Now back to that logo. Batman fanatics are Batman fanatics. Maybe it's the stark simplicity of the Batman style. Maybe its the dark allure of the Batman's origin. Maybe it's the Batmobile. Chances are your a fan or your looking to give this to one. A big problem with lovers of Batman is they tend to already have a LOT of Batman stuff. But there is a good chance that they don't have slippers - making these the perfect gift.

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