Batman Theme Items

It has been some time since the Batman was introduced in 1939 and in the decades since then the legend of Bruce Wayne has gone global. Batman is now one of the most recognized fictional characters of all time. His appeal crosses national borders and translates across cultures. It is rare to meet somone who has not, at least, heard of the Bat.

Together with the fame comes the popularity of Batman-themed merchandise. I take it your looking for some?. Well, here are ten of them . . .

DC Collectibles Batman: Black & White: Batman by Tim Sale Second Edition Statue

It was musician Jack White (of the award-winning Blunderbuss album) who said that he often approached his work by writing music a day or two before it was going to be recorded. He claims the pressure made the subsequent product better. This principal was applied to the Batman: Black and White stories. Rather than pressing for time, pages were restricted. The creators were told to tell their Batman tales must only be eight pages long. The result has been a series of tales celebrated as some of the best Batman ever written.

So successful was Batman: Black and White that it has inspired other works. Statues being one of them. A number of statues have been made, each one reflecting the style of a specific comicbook artist. The one being considered here is from Tim Sale. Tim is the artist from another legendary Batman story called The Long Halloween. If I remember correctly, The Long Halloween inspired Tim Burton, the creator of the first Batman movies (the Michael Keaton movies).

I think they got the ideal Batman pose here. In comparison with the other "Black and White" Batmen, Tim's rendition is a bit of a standout. In fact, if you're only getting one I would recomend it.

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Hot Wheels Collector 1995 Batman Forever Batmobile (1:18 Scale)

The most memorable character from Batman Forever, to me, at least, was Jim Carrey's Riddler. I think Carrey got around twenty million dollars for that role. Worth every cent really. Batman Forever is the only time in movies or comics that you will see E. Nigma outstage the Batman. I wasn't really paying attention to the Batmobile, but looking at it again I wonder how the heck could I have missed it?

Just look at it. As a general rule all Batmobiles are insane cars, but this one looks like its the craziest inmate in the asylum. In particular those fins. They allow kids to come close to those seemingly razor-sharp fins? Of course not. This is not a kid's toy. This is a collectible for display.

You know what would be fun? If you have a bunch or "regular car" models. You know, Benzes, Bimmers, Ferraris, that sort of thing. Put this one right in the middle of them. That's right. How many cylinders you got? I got none. I got me a jet turbine!

Ok. Who wants this? Batman fans, collectors. And sadly, kids want this. Not advisable, those fins! This is one of those things that if you get this for yourself and you have kids, you're going to have a heck of a time warning them off it - I mean, it's the Batmobile for heaven's sakes.

It just takes us out of the now and into Gotham doesn't it? Just by standing still on the shelf.

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Batman - The Animated Series, Volumes 1-4 (DC Comics Classic Collection)

What does Batman the Animated Series and the Star Trek novels have in common? The answer is that once you try one, you'll be watching and reading the rest like you eat peanuts. They've got a weird kind of addictive magic.

That's why in the case of the Batman the Animated Series it makes sense to get all the seasons in one go. Save yourself the trouble of tracking each season after you've finished the previous one. What's that you say? You can try hunting for these in YouTube or downloading from those torrents sites? Pffah! If your going to spend time watching videos for hours on end, you might as well spend QUALITY time. Get these shows on dvd or at least pay for a high quality stream. Don't be the guy who gets this all blurry with subtitles in a language he doesn't speak and mismatched dubbing then proceeds to trash the content as 'not good'. Of course he thinks its not good - he watched a crappy version of it.

Looking at these shows the simple yet clever linework matched with the interesting dialogue and fast plot really make for an engaging time with the Batman and his world. Four seasons can't lie, this one was popular for a reason. Whether you are considering this for yourself or for someone else remember the magic word: "peanuts".

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DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Batmobile

If you had a choice between a garage full of Benzes or a garage full of real Batmobiles what would you choose? Those sweet inline-6 and turbo 8 euro engines or engines that roughly have the thrust of a space shuttle? Hmmm. Choices, choices. Luckily they don't make real Batmobiles so Mercedes-Benz should rest easy.

What they do have are collectible Batmobile models. This one is from Batman the Animated Series. It is a wonderful representation not just of Batman's legendary ride but also of the art-deco style of the extremely popular cartoon series that birthed it. This must be the most streamlined Batmobile ever. Almost minimalist but it still gives the impression that it is more than capable of outrunning any other thing on wheels and some fliers too.

Collectors of the many different iterations of the Batmobile must simply have one of course. Sitting on the desk or on a shelf, the Batmobile is also a kind of totem. It's an outrageous vehicle. Too fast. Too clever. Too fun. Did I say totem? That's not quite right. I meant a ward. A ward against the mundane, a shield against the ordinary, a reminder that life is too short NOT to be too fast, too clever or too fun.

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Batman Icon Version 1 Bowling Ball by DC Comics (6lbs)

A wonderful sport and your favorite hero rolled into one. Get it? Rolled into one. Anyway . . .

This is just one design of a series of Batman inspired bowling balls that will be available for a limited time only. If you order it you have to wait anywhere from two weeks to a month since this is a made to order deal. The graphics are embedded into the ball.

The bowling ball is made of high quality polyester and is designed for recreational bowlers and beginners - please note, not meant for tournament level play. It can function in a tournament as a backup for when you want to simply hit a spare.

All that aside, there are a group of people who will really appreciate this bowling ball in spite of never coming within a hundred feet of a bowling alley - colectors of Batman. This is a significantly large group, Batman being one of most popular fictional characters ever. You might be one of them or you might know someone. In which case this bowling ball, displayed proudly on a shelf will do nicely for such a collector. The limited time offer only sweetens the deal for Batman fans. Just imagine when these stop being made and you have the whole line - score! Or I should say - strike!

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Extra Large Reversible Batman Juniors Zip Up Hoody (XL)

There happen to be a lot of female Batman admirers and this is for them. They are now able to "wear their favorite hero" without emanating a geek vibe (although identifying as a geek is becoming more and more popular these days - just take along a comicbook and your set).

Lots of good things about this hoodie but first things first, it seems to size a bit small so be sure to go one size up.

Right. Material is cotton and polyester blend. Read that as comfy and wrinkle resistant. Maybe the best thing about this hoodie is that you get a choice of two styles. I tend to look at the two styles as the gray "undercover" style and the black and white "look at me style". Absolutely brilliant the way this hoodie reverses - with the inner pattern being a match for the outer whether you choose one style or the other.

For true Batman lovers, it should matter that this is an officially licensed hoodie. You can get Batman hoodies all over the place but it simply "feels" better to wear authentic, authorized clothing - it feels special.

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Batman Monopoly

If you are seriously considering purchasing this game chances are you are like most of the people who have done so and you are NOT opening it. I find that kind of amusing but the fact is Batman Monopoly has become a sought after collectible. One way to think about it is that you don't have to open it to have fun. Just having this collectible version of Monopoly will make you feel warm and happy inside. No kidding.

Well, let's use Superman's x-ray vision and look inside the box anyway. First of all this is a licensed product, approved by Warner Bros. the owner of DC Comics. They didn't only put their stamp of approval on it they did one better: they filled the board with Batman comics artwork - it's gorgeous as hell. Upping the ante the tokens, six of them, are made of pewter - these tokens being collectibles in their own right.

Monopoly and Batman just makes sense doesn't it? One of Gotham's richest men should certainly be affiliated with the most popular real estate board game in the world. Speaking of Gotham, that's exactly what people playing this game will buy and sell - Gotham's most popular landmarks, including super-villain hideouts.

Batman Monopoly. Get is while you can!

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Batman Transforming Batcycle Vehicle and Figure

What's better than a Batman action figure? A Batman action figure with a motorbike. What's better than a Batman action figure with a motorbike? A Batman action figure that can ride a motorbike. That's right, your typical action figure isn't really designed to ride bikes but this one is.

Aside from that, you don't get the usual Batman. This one is wearing a distinctive black and gold batsuit that not only distinguishes him from other Batman action figures but also makes him more collectable.

You are assured of quality because this toy is from Mattel.

The motorbike looks great doesn't it? No ordinary engine here - that's a jet engine. Better yet, this bike transforms into a missile launcher! Yes, it's going to be many hours of fun with this blue Batcycle.

Some people are into the term MITB. Also known as Mint-In-A-Box. They don't open the toy. They just display it till the happy time comes when it's able to pay the mortgage - or something along those lines. In line with this kind of collecting, this toy comes with a display-worthy package to keep it MITB.

Batman often has a grim yet cool aspect to him but all that dark stuff can't be found in this toy. This is Batman with the fun gadgets and rides - the crimefighting martial artist with all the resources of Wayne Enterprises behind him. Whether it's going to be displayed or unwrapped and played all day long this just might be the Batman toy you or someone you know is looking for.

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DC Comics Men's Batman Stainless Steel 22" Ball Chain Pendant Necklace (Black)

This stainless steel black Batman insignia could just be the perfect accessory for your casual ensemble. You can use the silver chain it comes with or swap that with something else. Using hemp or a black chain as the occasion calls for it changes the possibilities for this pendant allowing you to go from casual to semi-formal and back.

Wearing the universally recognized bat insignia on your neck is a statement, of course. "Geek and proud of it" - definitely. If you want to go in deep into this symbol, it also stands for surviving traumatizing experiences - just as Bruce Wayne survived the death of his parents by becoming the Batman.

The pendant is sized just right. Small enough to fly under the radar of most people but large enough to get noticed by fellow Batman fans. It's also stainless steel, not plastic, making it look like the quality item that it is rather than some tacky jewelry from the same people to make plastic toys.

If you're giving rather than getting, this pendant should be considered rather than other pendants because of the perfect comics inspired box it comes with. This box doubles as a display case so this pendant does not even have to be worn to be appreciated by the Batman fan.

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Batman Super Hero Cartoon Plush Slipper Mens DC Comics Warner Bro Black

Hey you! Heard of China? You know? China. Do you know how many Batman slippers they make in China? One billion. They make one billion Batman slippers in China. Good quality, ten cents (or so they say). Have those slippers? Then you know how a disaster it is to buy bad quality. This is NOT one of those slippers. These are officially licensed Batman slippers. If you just said 'so what?' then I have nothing more to say. Real Batman fans don't necessarily use licensed products exclusively but they place value on a licensed product. Quality aside, it still matters to them that both Warner and DC gave this product the green light.

Beyond the Batman logo, you are looking at the perfect slippers for cold nights or airconditioned environments. Made of faux fur, these slippers cover your toes making your feet nice and toasty.

If you're stuck with a hardwood floor or tile flooring but want the feel of carpet these slippers are a 'quick fix'. The foam pads make every step a soft one.

Now back to that logo. Batman fanatics are Batman fanatics. Maybe it's the stark simplicity of the Batman style. Maybe its the dark allure of the Batman's origin. Maybe it's the Batmobile. Chances are your a fan or your looking to give this to one. A big problem with lovers of Batman is they tend to already have a LOT of Batman stuff. But there is a good chance that they don't have slippers - making these the perfect gift.

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