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The familiar Batman tropes in Africa gives Batwing a unique flavor

"What the heck is that?" was my reaction to seeing Batwing on the racks. I'm constantly surprised by the creativity of the various Batman creators but most surprising of all is the Batman mythos against an African background.

Surprising. Very well executed and rife with possibilities. It just works.

Batman is here, yes, but I don't think he's going to be here for long. He's just seeing David off. David is Batwing - a Wayne-tech sponsored Batman-like superhero operating in - I forget what country. But this is definitely Africa. Kudos to the creative team for not being in-your-face with the location, or worst, plying us with stereotypes. It's very subtle, and effectively atmospheric. We're in Africa, and this sets Batwing apart from the shocking number of Bat books that are part of the New 52. We're obviously dealing with different cultural mores, different dangers, ways and symbols. This is the strength of Batwing and I definitely want to see more.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 1, 2012

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