Daytripper 1

In Brazil with Bras de Oliva Domingos

They've been raving about Daytripper in the internet like you wouldn't believe.

I wondered what could possibly be that good. Having just finished reading the the first issue of Daytripper, I'm asking myself if this is the best comics I've ever read.

It's that good.

This is the story of Bras de Oliva Domingos who writes obituaries for a Brazilian paper. It's something he has to do to make a living; what he really is, is a writer.

The place is Brazil. Sao Paolo. This is a place known to the creative team, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. We don't get a South American stereotype; we don't get the travel agency brochure. We get a Sao Paolo so real you could almost smell the  breeze wafting from the panel. I look at the details of Bras' house, the plaza he walks through; his desk at work. It feels so real. Like I'm there in Sao Paolo. I'm touching the wall of of Bras' two story house curious at the protected wiring running from the light switch to the light. I go through the living room with him out into the writing shed at back. I'm with him as he sits with his friend and they drink espresso in little cups - coffee by people who know coffee.

The sheer immersive experience is impressive enough, but over these details is the overarching theme of Daytripper. An beautiful story that affirms life by looking squarely at death. Confusing? Read Daytripper one and all will be clear.

After reading Daytripper one, I put it down and let it simmer in my head. Carried it around with me for a while like the memory of a great meal. I am thankful for the people in the Net who recommended this for me and I pass on the good deed by recommending it to you also.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 6, 2012

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