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They Think Deathstroke Is Over The Hill - He Thinks They're DEAD Wrong!

Deft plotting from Kyle Higgins spells success for Deathstroke.

He's a super-powered assassin, so he can very easily come off as one dimensional. Plus increased brain utilization is a challenge to write about. How do you show that Deathstroke uses 90% of his brain power?

Well, Higgins bows down to the inevitable, he writes an assassination story. But it's a very character driven assassination story. More to the point, it's a Wilson Slade character driven story. And Slade, given the reigns by and through Higgins, takes us to some very interesting places with a surprise twist in the end.

Artists Joe Bennett and Art Thibert, while not exaclty enhancing the comic, doesn't trip up the excellent writing.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 1, 2012

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