Fables 11

This issue single-handedly made Jack of Fables a legend as far as I'm concerned

Jack of Fables gets laid in this issue in perhaps the most sexual series of panels in all of Fables. There. I've said it. It's one of the major attractions of this issue. Jack seduces a Southern belle during the tale end of the American Civil war and has his way with her in an abandoned manse. Skilled as he is, his new lover proves too much for him. Hahahaha!

Yes, that was my favorite scene but following very closely on it heels is Jacks poker game with the Devil in a swamp. The Devil is disguised as a black man called Slick Willy (the dead giveaway is Slick Willy's feet which are taloned and his weirdly glowing eyes). The great surprise, and I can't keep from telling you this, is that Jack is so good at cheating that he outfoxes the Devil himself!

As a recommendation I would heartily say that if you, for some crazy reason, will only read one Fables issue, make it this one. It's great fun.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 7, 2012

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