Green Lantern Corps 1

I never thought I'd say it : I like Guy Gardner

Going by this first issue, the Green Lantern Corps, will be centered on two of the four GL's of earth - Guy Gardner and John Stewart.

Also, this issue does something no other comic has ever done. It made me like Guy Gardner. I am appalled, Guy is my second hated DC character. That bastard Lobo is the first. But not here. I actually like Guy Gardner here. It's a small miracle.

Another thing I like is the gore factor. This issue is unapologetic in showing GLs being cut in half, beheaded and more. It's so gory its good.

It's a good launching point. Something, something powerful enough to take on a GL is loose and the Corps headed by Guy and John go out to investigate. Very promising issue.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 22, 2012

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