Green Lantern New Guardians 1

What happens next? I wanna know!

I was set to shake my head and shunt this comic aside without a recommendation if not for that incredible cliffhanger ending.

With the words New Guardians and the gaggle of ring wielders on the cover, I was curious about what this was about. It turns out, a good alternative title would have been Kyle Rayner : Green Lantern. I had a subscription to Green Lantern during Kyle's tenure so I can't help comparing. Gone is the "New York neighborhood" feel of those issues. No diner on the ground floor and trading cds with neighbors, and trying to make it as an artist. At least not yet.

Aside from the killer ending, it was also entertaining to watch rings getting reassigned while ring wielders were busy doing their work. So we have some casualties as rings leave owners in mid-fight. Nice to see but shouldn't the rings have some kind of failsafe that takes care they leave their host safe before transferring?

So let's do a quick survey of the 2814 Lanterns in New 52 : Hal is in Green Lantern. Guy and John are in Green Lantern Corps; and Kyle here.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 3, 2012

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