I, Vampire 1

Another great addition to your vampire comic collection

Reading this makes me recall some of the other vampire comics I've read recently. There's the 70s classic Tomb of Dracula and Curse of the Mutants, an X-Men/Dracula story. The first one was, is, a great vampire comic; the second one is a great X-Men comic but Dracula didn't show up very well there. I think the reason is the art. Curse of the Mutants had clean, fine, line art, while Tomb of Dracula, done by the late, great master of shadows Gene Colan evoked a truly vampiric mood. I'm happy to say that I,Vampire does the same. Whereas Colan did great shadow work, Andrea Sorentino has thick, moody inks; evoking the perfect atmosphere for a vampire tale.

Easily the most fearsome single panel in this comic is when a subway train stops, the doors slide open, and outside are vicious vampires about to board. The next panel is a shot from the outside of the train only vaguely showing a tremendous amount of blood and violence going on inside. Truly terrifying. This comic is about a vampire takeover bid of humanity. It's bound to fail of course, I, Vampire, isn't set in some Elseworlds universe; it shares real estate inside the new DC - the JLA will make short work of these creatures. Still, it's a great moody comic when you're in the mood for vampires.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 3, 2012

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