Imaginext: Super Friends Aquaman

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Aquaman and Robo Shark

If you're looking for a bath time companion for your 3 to 8 year old and the classic rubber ducky simply won't do you can't do any better than the King of the Seas and his robot shark. That's right, Imaginext Super Friends Aquaman is the hero you need to come in to save the day - or at least bath time.

Made by Fisher-Price, you are assured of both quality and safety. Whether in water or out, Imaginext Super Friends Aquaman is ready for the usual rough play any toddler's toy would be subjected too. Rest assured that Aquaman will be around to play with for years to come.

This toy is perfectly sized for small hands. Not only will it be easy to play with but the small size makes it portable. No need to leave a beloved toy at home, let your little one take it with him (or her) and that's one more thing to keep them preoccupied on a long trip.

The accompanying trident will allow Aquaman to deal with the pesky robot shark. And what a shark it is. With a chomping action activated by pressing down on the pin! Aquaman, trident and shark is a playtime formula guaranteed to fire up the imagination. And that's what Imaginext toys really are - they're exercise equipment for the mind. So get Aquaman and let the creativity begin!

I want it!

If you're looking for more than just one hero you might what to consider an Imaginext Super Friends Set .