Imaginext: Super Friends Hawkman and Flash

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Hawkman and The Flash

What's better than one toy hero? How about two? Two heroes that your toddler can have fighting each other or going on adventures together. Everywhere. The living room couch, the lawn, you name it. Hawkman and the Flash are ready to unleash your child's creativity. That is, after all, what Imaginext is about - exercising the imagination.

Imaginext is also about durability. Hawkman is about flying, and very likely he will. As far as he can be thrown. Don't worry, Fisher-Price quality guarantees that he'll be around to play with for years to come. Forgot Flash out on the lawn overnight? Don't worry, he'll be running along just fine in the morning.

These action figures are also perfect for your child's small hands - he or she will love playing with them all day long. In the house or out of it, as these figures are sized small enough to be easy to pack. During a busy trip, if Hawkman and the Flash manage to keep your child's attention and keep you from going crazy, you'll be a fan of the Super Friends too.

Get them now , your child will love you for it.

I want it!

If you're looking for more than just two heroes you might what to consider an Imaginext Super Friends Set .