Imaginext Super Friends: Justice League

Imaginext Super Friends will make the rich world of DC's Justice League come to life for hours of playing fun for your 3 to 8 year old!

These high-quality toys from Fisher-Price are meant to stimulate the imagination and develop creativity in your children.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice

What better way to start a Imaginext Super Friends collection than with The Hall of Justice? Made popular by the Super Friends tv program. The Hall of Justice will give you the following:

  • Superman and Batman.
  • Three projectile launchers . One in the center window and two others in the side turrets. The launchers can launch plastic projectiles, five of them are provided.
  • A meeting area and jail cell is located at the back.

And there you have it: The Super Friend's Hall of Justice. For even more fun add more heroes and villains!

Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Heroes And Villains Pack

The Heroes and Villains pack is a great way for you to get both friends and enemies for Batman and Superman.

The best thing about this pack is your child will finally have villains to put in the Hall of Justice jail. Two of them: Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

Flash and Wonder Woman join the Batman and Superman, letting your child form the Justice League at last.

With the addition of these characters the role playing can really get underway - and you've pretty much got the basic playable Imaginext Super Friends setup.

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You can breathe new life to the Hall of Justice by adding even more heroes and villains!

Imaginext Super Friends toys are perfectly-sized for small hands. Built to last through countless adventures, throwing against walls, getting stepped on and let's not forget leaving under the elements in the backyard. They're also portable, easy to take with the kids on trips so they have something to do while on long trips.

For superhero lovers, specially those who've seen the Justice League or Super Friends animated shows. Let's take a look at the Imaginext Super Friends Heroes Set.

Fisher-price Imaginext Dc Super Friends Set Heroes

You get four heroes. Starting with Batman and Superman. Green Lantern comes in with his "magic" ring and Hawkman with those fascinating wings. Your child will also get the popular Krypto, the Superdog. Accessories ensure that just about anywhere can be transformed into a place for superhero adventure.

One way to level-up the superhero set is to add in the villains set. That's right, let's take a look at the Imaginext Super Friends Villains Set.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Set Villains

You get four villains including Penguin, Joker and the Riddler. A villianous yet cute penguin is included presumably to tangle with Krypto. These classic bad guys and their accessories means countless hours of role playing fun when they mix it up with the heroes.

Fisher-Price quality meets DC fun in Imaginext Super Friends.

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Do you want to level up your Imaginext Superman? Say no more . . .

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Superman and Exoskeleton Suit

Now Superman has a giant exoskeleton armor that he can put on for adventures in the lawn or the living room couch.

It can be hard to pick just any superhero as a present, specially if your giving a gift to someone who might be unfamiliar with superheroes. There's always a chance that the giftee is unfamiliar with the character. This is one time when Superman can literally fly in to the rescue. Superman is one of the five most globally recognized fictional characters (the others are Batman, Spider-Man, Sherlock Holmes, and Mickey Mouse).

Superman remains a great role model. Besides gritty heroes like Batman, Superman remains as the ultimate boy scout of the superhero set. Fairness, compassion, protectiveness and a dedication to law and order remain cornerstones of the Superman image. The development of these qualities are a great foundation for any child. Having Superman literally "on hand" is a subtle yet very real reminder that your young one is expected to grow up as a good person.

Or it's just a great way to have tons of fun.

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Superman has got the skies covered but who's watching over the Seven Seas also known as the bathtub? Aquaman, of course.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Aquaman and Robo Shark

If you're looking for a bath time companion for your 3 to 8 year old and the classic rubber ducky simply won't do you can't do any better than the King of the Seas and his robot shark. That's right, Imaginext Super Friends Aquaman is the hero you need to come in to save the day - or at least bath time.

This toy loves the water and you child will love him in it.

The robot shark can be considered a fearsome foe or a fierce pet for the King of Atlantis.

The accompanying trident will allow Aquaman to deal with the pesky robot shark. And what a shark it is. With a chomping action activated by pressing down on the fin! Aquaman, trident and shark is a playtime formula guaranteed to fire up the imagination.

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If the heroes and villains sets are too much, but the single figures too little. You should consider a two hero pack.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Hawkman and The Flash

What's better than one toy hero? How about two? Two heroes that your toddler can have fighting each other or going on adventures together. Everywhere. The living room couch, the lawn, you name it. Hawkman and the Flash are ready to unleash your child's imagination.

Imaginext is also about toughness. Hawkman is about flying, and very likely he will. As far as he can be thrown. Don't worry, Fisher-Price quality guarantees that he'll be around to play with for years to come. And so will the Flash. This pair will be flying and running all throughout your kid's play years and beyond.

The design of these figures make them easy to handle for children. In the house or out of it, as these figures are sized small enough to be easy to pack. During a busy trip, if Hawkman and the Flash manage to keep your child's attention and keep you from going crazy, you'll be a fan of the Super Friends too.

Get them now , your child will love you for it.

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