Imaginext: Super Friends Superman

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Superman and Exoskeleton Suit

Imaginext Super Friends Superman is perfectly sized for your 3 to 8 year old's small hands. This toy is built tough, just like Superman, because we all know he's going to be thrown, trodden on, left outside in the rain and generally roughed up dozens of times during play. Don't worry, he can take it - and so can his exoskeleton. You've got the Fisher-Price brand as an assurance of both safety and quality.

It can be hard to pick just any superhero as a gift, specially if your giving a gift to someone in another country or from another culture. There's always a chance that the giftee is unfamiliar with the character. This is one time when Superman can literally fly in to the rescue. Superman is one of the five most globally recognized fictional characters (the others are Batman, Spider-Man, Sherlock Holmes, and Mickey Mouse).

Superman remains a great role model. Besides gritty heroes like Batman and Wolverine, Superman remains as the "fair haired boy" or boy scout of the superhero set. Fairness, compassion, protectiveness and a dedication to law and order remain cornerstones of the Superman image. The development of these qualities are a great foundation for any child. Having Superman literally "on hand" is a subtle yet very real reminder that your young one is expected to grow up as a good person.

Most of all, Imaginext Super Friends Superman is designed to exercise a young person's imagination and exercise their creativity as they take the Man of Steel and his awesome robot armor into all sorts of adventures.

I want it!

If you're looking for more than just one hero you might what to consider an Imaginext Super Friends Set .