Imaginext: Super Friends

This is a short list of the best Imaginext Super Friends sets. Whether you're a toy collector or someone looking for the perfect toy for your 3-8 year old, Imaginext Super Friends will make the rich world of DC come to life for hours of fun!

These high-quality toys from Fisher-Price have been well received and are in great demand because they encourage use of the imagination.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice

What better way to start a Imaginext Super Friends collection than with their base of operations? The Hall of Justice was made popular by the Super Friends tv program. This beautiful piece from Imaginext will give you the following:

  • You're not getting an empty Hall. The Big Two: Superman and Batman come with this set.
  • The Super Friends have major enemies so they need extreme protection. Three projectile launchers hide in the seemingly peaceful facade. One in the center window and two others in the side turrets. Five plastic projectiles provided - perfect for targeting villains.
  • Behind the Hall is a meeting area for the heroes and a jail for any villains they capture.

And there you have it: The Super Friend's Hall of Justice. The best way to level this up is to add more figures and do we have the set for that!

Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Heroes And Villains Pack

The Heroes and Villains pack is the most cost effective way for you to get both allies and enemies for Batman and Superman back at the Hall. And yes, you will end up with two Supermen. You could treat the extra one as a backup, if the other one gets lost or damaged, or, better still, let two Supermen power your imagination with new and amazing stories.

The best thing about this pack is we finally have someone to put in the Hall of Justice Jail. Two someones: Lex Luthor and Brainiac - they even come with a mean looking morningstar to give the good guys a hard time.

Speaking of good guys, Flash and Wonder Woman join the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, providing both super-speed and Amazonian strength.

With the addition of these characters the role playing can really get underway - and you've pretty much got the basic playable Imaginext Super Friends setup.

After weeks or even months of play, you can breathe new life to the Hall of Justice by adding more heroes or more villains or more of both!

I want it!

See how you can add to your Imaginext Super Friends collection.