Justice League 1

Great Start To The New DC Universe

This is it! The first of the new 52s. The first issue of the DCNU - the DC New Universe! I'm excited. I want it to be good.

And it is. Ha! We start this issue with Batman.

I am loving the upgraded equipment on the costume. In the panel above, Batman fires some mini-rockets, wide area smoke bombs. Very nice.

After this, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee give us Green Lantern. I'm guessing maybe those two sat around thinking who to start with and gave each other one vote each; because Johns, primary GL scribe, would elect Hal Jordan. And Lee, who did a great run of Batman, would choose Bats.

They're a great combination for a duo. These two have a long running low-level feud from the old DC. Here, it's shown that their personalities are such that they are headed for the very same collision in the new DC. I can't help but note that we're talking about one of the most powerful Justice Leaguers and an essentially non-powered superhero.

Batman fans never fear. Justice League pays honor to the Bat and shows just why Batman is NOT under the Green Lantern shadow.

Going back to GL, trust Johns to know how to work a power ring. In the panels below GL puts down several fires at once.

Oh yeah, because this book is called Justice League and not Brave and the Bold, we also have Superman. Superman's first appearance in the new Justice League is in the form of an irresistible blur of red, white and blue. So strong that he goes through GL's energy creations. A great debut for the Man of Steel.

The new 52 starts from a position of strength with Justice League.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 30, 2011

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