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This is the good Legion book of New 52

This is the second Legion offering in the New 52. The first is the uber-terrible Legion Lost (that's why you won't find Legion Lost in my recommendation list).

Unlike Legion Lost, this is good. Now let me qualify good. Is it as good as the legendary Levitz Giffen issues? Nope. Not in the same league. But you have to cut this issue some slack; the Levitz-Giffen issues were some of the best comics of their day.

Among the things I liked in this issue are the introductory narrative boxes which tell us who the Legionnaire is, where he or she comes from, and, most importantly, what that Legionnaire's power is. With so many Legion members this really comes in handy.

I do so wish that Legion Lost was not the suck fest that it is because there are a lot of Legion Lost references here and it would have been just perfect if that series was at least equally good so they could merge at one point and all of us fans would be happy. But, sadly, when Legion Lost is mentioned I end up remembering it and wincing.

The storyline is not that compelling - an infiltration scenario. But Francis Portela's art kept me turning the pages.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 22, 2012

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