Men Of War 1

How Corporal Rock Became A Sergeant

Looking at the cover of Men of War my question was : Outside of the obvious war comic, what is this book about. Answer: It's about Sgt Rock. Yup. Only, here, he's still Corporal Rock. The book goes into what kind of man he is. Not too much, not too long, then we're all thrown into a war zone. The proper pace for a war comic showing a war is fast. As fast, and adrenaline-laced as being in the war itself. Men of War delivers that; it also throws in a handful of footnotes to help us with the war jargon - usually short names for different kinds of weapons. This little details are really effective in immersing us in the action.

Also there is some kind of super-powered being here. A murky mystery man who devastates the war zone. Friend or foe? We don't know. Guesses as to identity? I'm clueless. Even more tantalizing, this being, seen by Rock from the ground, apparently comes into conflict with another shadowy figure before they both get lost in the clouds. Mysterious and a welcome component.

At the end of this storyline, we see Rock making Sergeant at last. I expect we'll eventually encounter the rest of Easy Company and that Rock would one day head S.H.I.E.L.D, wait a minute, that's the other guy.

Anyway, there is a second story and this time it's straight warfare. Iraq, Afghanistan? I forget, one of those places. This story ends in a cliffhanger.

I'm happily surprised by Men of War. The second story gives us the nostalgic feel of G.I. Combat or Fightin' Marines, the second introduces the familiar DC character Sgt. Rock while adding something new - a shadowy superhuman. Nostalgia + something new adds up to an excellent debut for Men of War.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 1, 2012

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