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Secret Origins 1 : Superman

In the DC Universe there are two Supermen. The Superman flying around the comics pages these days (circa 2010) is the Modern-age Superman - re-created by John Byrne in 1986.

The original Superman is the focus of this book. Created during the 30s, this Superman is regarded as the Golden-Age Superman or the Superman of Earth-2 (with the current one being the Superman of Earth-1).

The story begins by showing Jor-L, the father of Superman. Here he is.

Secret Origins Superman : Jor-L jumping before skyscrapers

Yup, he's jumping tall buildings. Evidently, in Krypton, everybody was super-powered. This is different from the modern Superman's Kryptonians who only grew strong under the influence of a yellow sun.

Here's a look at Superman in costume.

Secret Origins Superman : superman leaping tall buildings in a single bound

Like his father, this Superman didn't fly, he made gigantic leaps.

Another thing, he didn't spend any time being Superboy. The first time he puts on the costume is in Metropolis when he was starting out as a reporter.

He worked at the Daily Star, not the Daily Planet. For Editor George Taylor, not  Perry White.

There is a great sequence here showing the incredible self discipline Superman has to have as Clark Kent. Here he takes Lois out for the night and has to act the coward - the strain of keeping a secret identity is really communicated here.

Secret Origins Superman : clark acts the coward part 1 enlarge

Secret Origins Superman : clark acts the coward part 1 enlarge

Here he is running after some mobsters in a car. The people inside the car are terrified.

Secret Origins Superman : superman runs after a car

It is a measure of the craft of Thomas, Ordway and Boring that while I was reading this, I was reminded that when the original story came out, costumed heroes where not yet familiar. Superman was a new and wonderful idea - an exciting idea. You feel that while reading this first installment of Secret Origins.

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