The New Teen Titans 1

To begin the begun

Even back in the 80s I jumped into the New Teen Titans bandwagon too late for the earlier issues. So I approach issue 1 with a lot of curiosity.

As expected, this is a team formation issue. I'm surprised to note that it was Raven who forms the Teen Titans, she always seemed to be the least sociable of the group.

There's nothing amazing about the Marv Wolfman's plot for issue 1, but no matter, because you'll be too busy ogling the excellent Perez art.

The team isn't awfully big, but Wolfman still juggles the dialogue so we get definite character profiles. This early Vic Stone is defined by his anger at being Cyborg. Gar delivers a shameless and effective Peter Parker madcap style. And Robin is just so happy to be out of the Batman's shadow. Most interesting of all is Kid Flash, this is an immature, lovestruck Wally West - far from the man who would later do honor to the mantle of the Flash.

What can I say? It is the beginning of the Wolfman-Perez run; the most celebrated Titans run of them all. Any way I look at it, this issue is special.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 30, 2012

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