The New Teen Titans 2

The Titans show us how to use a pool

The Ravager. Terminator's son. I was so set to make fun of him when I picked up this issue, but for the few seconds he was on, he was, well, very impressive. If you want to catch him, this is the only issue you can, for reasons fully explained here. Of course, the big debut, is the Terminator himself. Slade Wilson has his own comic these days.

There's a scene here were the Titans go for some rest and recreation poolside. It's easy to bypass, but looking at how the sequencing is done and how the panel layout and art is executed gives an inkling to just how potent the Wolfman-Perez team really is.

I also like the detail about Starfire being able to "absorb" languages by physical contact. I mean, starbolts and then this? Who wants to be a Tamaranian?

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 30, 2012

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