The New Teen Titans 3

Who gives away whole buildings? I mean aside from Tony Stark

Lots of unanswered questions here. Ok, not lots. Just two. First of all, who gave Titans Tower to the Titans? When was it built? The whole thing just popped out fully outfitted and ready for occupancy. And if you said "That's cause its a comic book" I say, like all works of fiction it still has to have enough artifice to effortlessly suspend our disbelief. Anyway, I'm sure we can get the answers in future issues.

The other question is : Why does Raven want the Titans to fight the Justice League? I mean, aside from group suicide and aside from upping DC sales. Again, the answer isn't here.

What is here is the Fearsome Five. Two famous members of this team are Dr. Light and Psimon. But my favorite is Mammoth who I kind of look at as a human version of the Thing. I don't even remember his sister's name five minutes after dropping the comic.

Anyway, after reading this, I fondly recall the moment in Crisis on Infinite Earths when Psimon's transparent cranium got blasted apart by Brainiac. You would too.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 31, 2012

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