The New Teen Titans 6

I want Darkseid to kick Trigon's ass!

Prepare yourself for incredible art! I might have been right on my comment in the last issue (issue 5) that George Perez had Curt Swan do issue 5 so that he can focus on the art of issue 6, the culminating issue of this story arc. The art is exceptional even for Perez; if you're like me you'll linger on every panel.

Wolfman gives us a prologue and by the end of it you'll hate Trigon with a passion! I am so ready for the Titans to go toe-to-toe with this guy.

I mentioned before about how all-powerful Trigon seemed to be. I came into this issue half-expecting that he would be defeated through some kind of trick or intervention. Heck, I half expected the JLA to pop up. Anything, but what actually happened: A straight on fight. And it doesn't read as farfetched either. The Titans are shown exhibiting a level of teamwork that I don't usually see outside the X-Men. If not epic, the battle with Trigon is still extremely satisfying. Whew! Four issues of Trigon comes to an end here. Don't miss it!

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 2, 2012

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