The New Teen Titans 8

Kick back with the Titans

This is the first day-in-the-life style issue of the Titans but it won't be the last. Some future issues will take up the entire comic like this one; other day-in-the-life episodes will be embedded into parts of issues. All of them will have the effect of making us become increasingly familiar with the Titans out of costume. It's a fantastic idea from Wolfman and Perez. There is not one single fight in this issue but it is a compelling read nonetheless.

I particularly like Raven's segment. Have you ever put your fears to the test? Ever challenge yourself? Trying to break an imaginary barrier or achieve a goal you find difficult if not impossible? This is what happens to Raven here. She accidentally finds herself in an acid test against her own fears. The wonderful thing about it is, when she comes out of it, at the end, her relief is so palpable - and familiar. This is exactly how we feel, when, during a trying time, a problem or burden, is suddenly lifted from us. The incredible, beautiful relief is captured in the Raven sequences.

Next is Cyborg. He was so dark, so full of hate before. After the milestone events last issue we see a Cyborg that doesn't frustrate us anymore. Vic Stone is getting his bearings back and its a wonderful thing to read.

After the action of the last several issues, this tale is a breath of fresh air.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 2, 2012

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