The New Teen Titans 9

Two fights reveal the strongest Titans

The villain of this piece is the Puppeteer, a maker of killer toys, whose modus reminds me of the FF nemesis Puppet Master and the Marvel villain Arcade. Not really my favorite kind of villain.

We get two fights in this issue. One of them is a hobbled fight where the Titans try to stop each other without inflicting any serious hits. The second fight is the exact opposite as the Titans unleash themselves on a small army of toy mechs. Lots of opportunity to observe the new team in a fight. Starfire's starbolts are this team's version of Cyclop's optic blasts in the X-Men - the single most powerful weapon on the team. Victor singlehandedly lifts a full grown tree off the ground and hurls it, so we're getting an idea of sheer strength levels; coupled with his white sound blaster, Cyborg has both skirmish and range capabilities. Rounding out the three most powerful Titans is Kid Flash who was key to the Titans winning the first fight and whose speed power is the team's most versatile.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 9, 2012

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