The New Teen Titans 10

The Terminator and the H.I.V.E establish themselves as Titans villains

Teen Titans 10 Promethium Unbound marks the many layers that have already formed on this young series even only on its tenth issue. The Terminator returns from the second issue; The H.I.V.E. is establishing itself as the villenous backdrop behind the Titan books; and a new layer drawn from DC history : the welcome introduction of the Doom Patrol mythos into the New Teen Titans.

Starfire continuos to convince as the resident Titans powerhouse as she survives an encounter with the Terminator, being able to recover in a situation from which Gar does not.

Beyond the fighting, Vic Stone continuos to mellow from his hard edged, hate-laced early appearances - he seems to be increasingly at peace since he worked things out with his late father.

By the way it ended, I thought that this issue would form an arc with the next one. Seems I'm wrong as both the Terminator and the Titans limp out from their brutal fight to meet another day but NOT next issue.

Regarding the Promethium, I think Marv Wolfman really went overboard on that substance - it's simply too powerful.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 10, 2012

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