The New Teen Titans 11

The Titans of Myth

The male Titans make an exit as the team heads to Amazon island to try a desperate cure for the Changeling after the Terminator's nearly fatal attack on Gar last issue. The guys have to go because Amazon island is female only. So what's the Amazonian rule on gays and lesbians? Anyway . . .

The rest of the Titans - Raven, Cory and Wonder Girl - are shunted off a bit; which is not such a bad thing because to the forefront is the magnificent DC rendition of the classic tale of Greek Titans and Olympian gods.

Look here to see Hyperion, Titan of the Sun, free himself from dark Tartarus. By the end of the issue all of the Titans - the Greek Titans -  will be set free to march against their children, the Olympian gods.

The magic of this story arc, which includes this issue and the next, is the magic of Greek Mythology. I particularly like the part when Hyperion goes up against the three gigantic Cyclops, guardians of Tartarus : Brontes, weilder of Thunder; Steropes, master of Lightning; and Arges, lord of Thunderbolts.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 11, 2012

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