The New Teen Titans 12

The Greek Titans and Olympian gods battle in Olympus!

The buildup from last issue peaks in this one, the concluding arc of a storyline dealing with the mythical Titans and the Olympian gods

What I really like about this - aside from the incredible Perez art - is that Wolfman extends the classical myths. As per Greek Mythology, the gods, led by Zeus, vanquished the Titans to Tartarus; end of story as far as the myths go. What happens next? What ancient author continues the tale? Herodotus? No? Aristophanes? Nope? Maybe the Romans picked it up? Virgil? Pliny? Nope. What happens next is in New Teen Titans number 12. And no, its not a corny-ass comic book ending either. The story of the mythical Titans and the Olympian gods ends very well, thank you. And thank you Marv Wolfman.

This issue is full of Olympian scenery: classical, larger-than-life, and breathtaking. It is full of the fights between the familiar Greek gods and their less familiar predecessors, the Titans. As for the Titans, the Teen Titans, the girls give a good accounting of themselves with Wonder Girl scoring major points for the object of her affection, Hyperion.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 11, 2012

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