The New Teen Titans 13

The Doom Patrol and the New Teen Titans are a great match

It's the start of the Doom Patrol storyline in the New Teen Titans. I always love it when DC leverages it's rich history. The Doom Patrol was a Silver Age team; they had a series so popular there were more than a hundred issues - add to that, team members Negative Man and Elasti-Woman had very visually striking and unique powers; the New Teen Titans can only be enhanced by a tie-in to the Doom Patrol. And a tie-in this is, as the Titans go on a mission to search for Steve Dayton, also known as the telekinetic Mento, husband of Elasti-Girl. What started out as a search mission quickly changes to a mission of vengeance as the Titans get caught up with Mento's and Gar's drive to avenge the Doom Patrol.

Before this excellent adventure, the issue takes a last look at Themyscira, the setting of the last two issue's excellent 'Mythical Titans' story arc. Cory is a natural fit in the Amazon's island as we are shown her participating in some gladiatorial sports. Looking at her in action it occurs to me that Koriand'r is right out of the pages of Heavy Metal - a magazine that seems to favor beautiful and fierce women - Cory has this potential.

As we move into the Doom Patrol storyline we go deep into the jungles of Africa and the Perez art takes center stage once again. George Perez just dives into the details, bringing out the lush jungle in panel after panel. Then we get to the discovery of Robotman, and more things besides, momentum builds going into the next issue.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 12, 2012

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