The New Teen Titans 15

The Titans are great but this issue belongs to the Brotherhood of Evil

I'm impressed by the way Marv Wolfman handled the characterization of Madame Rouge in this issue. She really comes out as multi-faceted; far from your basic "cookie cutter" villain. The young French teacher who fell in love with Doom Patrol founder Niles Caulder shows layers of complexity that allows me to empathize with her, in a way. Her gratefulness to Gar Logan that she's about to die is the emotional highlight of the issue.

This issue not only concludes the Doom Patrol story arc of the Titans it also concludes the story of the first batch of heroes to call themselves the Doom Patrol.

The big thing this issue is the Brotherhood of Evil in action. This is perhaps the only issue that we'll see them somewhat allied to the new Teen Titans. If you've never met them before you're going to love this colorful team of villains : Warp with his teleportation powers, the sexy Phobia with her ability to summon fear, the tragic, dangerous, Plasmus (who reveals his origin here), Hougan, who combines the ancient arts with science and the brain and brawn pairing of, well, the Brain and Monsieur Mallah.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 12, 2012

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