Transmetropolitan 1-6

Welcome to the future. I, for one, would like a Maker in my house

A Maker is an appliance that you can talk to, and it will make things for you like, clothes, shades, and, I'm hoping, books and comics. There's a Maker in these first six issues of Transmetropolitan so you'll see it in action.

Reading Transmetropolitan, my attention kept bouncing between two intense points of interest. The first is a man named Spider Jerusalem, a journalist. The second point of interest is the futuristic setting of Transmetropolitan itself. Please throw away all the boring futuristic stories you've ever seen. There is nothing boring about this future. The details, the weirdness, the life; reading about this future is like going to a carnival or riding a roller coaster. Heard about U.F.O. junkies? Here you'll meet a group of people who go under the knife to look like aliens. A mutant cat with three eyes who smokes. And, of course, half-naked prostitutes. We can't have the future without half-naked prostitutes.

No matter how loud the future gets, Spider Jerusalem is louder. We meet this guy on the tail end of bumming around because of a book advance he received. It's overdue and he hasn't written a page. He's that kind of a guy. In order to pay off his publisher he goes back to writing stories as a journalist and we get to tag along.

In the first six issues you'll be with Spider as he sets up in the city (and uses his Maker). You'll be with him as he has a first meeting with his assistant while he's butt naked. You'll spend an entire issue watching TV with him (much more interesting than you think). You'll see what the future does to religion.

After Transmetropolitan, every other futuristic story writers vying for your attention had better bring their A-Game.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 3, 2012

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