V for Vendetta 1-10

This isn't just about a rebel - it's also about that cool mask

V for Vendetta is a significant comic, no doubt about it. Critically acclaimed in the comics industry and popular enough to be made into a movie. And that mask. That mask is now a permanent part of all our Halloweens.

Thumbing through the pages before reading it, I noticed that this is a very dark book - heavy inks, shadows.

Near the start of the story, there is a radio broadcast done in a way that I just know the timbre of the voice is weighty and oppressive; just like the government it speaks for. This is fascist England. But it is more than that, this government in the pages of V for Vendetta stands for every bullying mayor, every heavy handed dictator - it stands for men, and women, who will only be happy with their lives if they control yours. It stands for every two-bit boss and sidewalk thug.

And this is the great attraction of the hero in this tale. Not so much the memorable mask, or distinctive 16th century clothing, not even the incredible skill and planning. Our hero is defined by his foes - and the foes are dark, oppressive, unfair and MUST BE PUT DOWN.

And page after page, panel after panel, we see them put down; we see him win - and we win with him against every s.o.b. who ever put us down.

This isn't a comic - it's therapy.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 3, 2012

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