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Leave The Poor House Pets Alone!

Frank Quitely is a top artist and does solid work all around but WE3, in particular, comes across as a showcase piece for him. Check out this panel were we get to see the inside of a van. The level of detail is very impressive. The layout of everything in the van has obviously been planned before being drawn. Wiring is logically placed; Quitely even put in a water fountain. It's the kind of execution were the artist/craftsman takes time with his (or her) work and in so doing honors whoever it is that buys that work. There's a lot of complaining about the price of comics these days (me included) but when this kind of top quality work shows up in the racks, the dollars (or pesos in my case) are worth it.

Quality of art aside, WE3 has a very strong undertone of sadness for me. What's happening here is animal abuse - the government creating cyborg animals from household pets. Just look at him.

The implants on his head obviously goes through the skull and is wired to his brain. Sad.

Quitely doesn't only experiment with the drawings, the layout and panels are also something I've never seen before. Look at this panel here; with the smaller, detail panels scattered to one side within it. It takes time to go through the small panels but each one contains a detail that enhances the big one.

And let's not forget Morrison's story. To me, this is about abuse, morals, government and freedom. It could very well mean something to somebody else. Maybe technology, cherishing pets, chaos theory and how the best laid plans can go wrong maybe. All sorts of things. What I would think this story would have in common to all readers is its undeniable emotional pull. It's a very engaging story, almost immersive, and, as I said, for me, it has a very strong poignant/sad feel to it. It takes flawless execution to create such impressions; just another day at the office for the All-Star team of Morrison and Quitely. Plus, the ending could've been much sadder than it was.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 30, 2011

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