Posted - April 15, 2018

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Batwoman No. 13
The Fall of the House of Kane Part 1

Batwoman No. 13

Are you up for a European holiday? Good. Let's start by jumping into Brussels. Literally jumping into Brussels.

batwoman jumping into brussels

It turns out that Batwoman used to live in Brussels as a child. Here she is landing in front of her former house - the former house of her family.

batwoman landing in brussels

And yes, that would be the boarded up abandoned apartment.

Here's the inside.

inside batwoman's old home

I can't help but notice the roses left to grow wild. Where I am, roses are worth their weight in gold during Valentines. Look at them here, you can just pick all you want. Batwoman starts using a cool looking detection mechanism.

detection tech

I know it's a detection mechanism because it detected that rat behind the wall in the third panel. As she's going through the house, Kate remembers her childhood, including the horrible way her mom died (shot in the head while held captive). I remember Batman, Robin and now this - all the bat heroes were born from disaster. Bats come from the darkness.

Batwoman activates her infrared and sees sombebody behind a door.

infra red eyesight

She decides to make a grand entramce.

batwoman smashes down a door

Inside is Safiyah.


Former lover? Current enemy? It's complicated. What follows next is some violence, some words. In the end Safiyah allows Kate this choice.

batwoman holding safiyah from a fall

Batwoman, or rather, Kate, pulls Safiyah back in. The ultimate objective for Kate is to get Beth, her sister, back. Safiyah gives her some information connected with that.

safiyah gives batmoman some information

In the meantime we catch up on Beth near Gotham and something is very wrong with her.

beth as alice

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