Posted - January 7, 2018

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Fantastic Four No. 237
The Eyes Have It

Fantastic Four No. 237

How much time did the FF spend in that miniatiurized fake town from last issue? Two weeks.

Having "inherited" a comatose Doctor Doom, the Four decide to put him in storage.

doctor doom put in storage

What a strange thought from Ben.

the thing thinking

But the Thing and Ben Grimm are the same person dummy!

The Thing's weight training gear not only looks massive it looks massively expensive.

the thing weight training

Way to go Ben, your out with your GF and this is what you do? Hit the weights while she, what, twiddles her thumbs? Not good.

Mr. Fantastic's equipment looks equally impressive.

mr. fantastic's machine

It's the time for boyfriend gaffs as one of Johnny's first words to Frankie is 'you look awful'.

johnny talkint to frankie

Even if it's true you should just keep those kind of opinions to yourself Mr. Storm

Did this comicbook just turn naughty?

frankie taking off her bathrobe

Nope. But more on that later, as in: next issue - oh the suspense!

Sometimes Reed's stretching abilities almost seems like flying.

mister fantastic stretching

Uh-oh this is not a simple street robbery, 'somebody' has arrived.

An alien somebody that causes vertigo.


As Frankie looks on, his parents are rendered senseless. The stricken heir to powers cosmic activates his own latent abilities.

franklin richards strikes

This time it is the alien Spinnerette's turn to fall. Just how big she is can be seen in the panel below.

alien being carried

Going into the store that was just robbed, Reed Richards begins to remind me of Sherlock Holmes.

reed richards talking

The robbers strike again and so does Spinnerette but this time Reed manages to capture one of the thugs.

mister fantastic captures a thug

More detective work.

mister fantastic talking

The captured thief talks about Spinnerette's strange fascination with silver.

origin of spinerette

Coming upon Spinnerette, Reed manages to use one of his clever gadgets - a universal translator.

reed talking to an alien

Spinnerette reveals her ship.

alien ship

Stranger and stranger.


And now all is explained.

mister fantastic talking

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